transit map
Transit from Suez to Singapore

It’s day 46 of my trip and day 29 of the transit. We’re now only about 36 hours away from Singapore, our next port of call. The anti-pirate defences have come and gone, we’ve negotiated the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea and a large chunk of the Indian Ocean, just the Malacca Strait to go through to reach Singapore. There, we will be refuelling, taking on stores and more equipment, and some of the crew will be changing out. Then it’ll be the last leg of the transit to Australia. At the moment I’m guessing I should be Colorado bound by the end of the month. The trip will be almost 9 weeks and it’ll be the longest that I’ve been away from Dazzle since we were married. At least I should be home in time for our anniversary!

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