Football, (Soccer to my American friends) is pretty much the national sport, nay, obsession in the UK.

However, for myself, spending my teenage years following the misfortunes of my local team ‘Buckie Thistle’has somewhat dampened my enthusiasm for ‘the beautiful game’. That (given the fact that I am rapidly approaching middle-age) was back in the late ’70’s, which looking back on it was probably the clubs poorest era. Today, Buckie beat Lossiemouth 3-0 and are at the top of the ‘Highland league’. In fact, they can actually be mentioned at the moment in a coherent sentence with the legendary Italian club, Inter Milan, as the only two teams in all of Europe currently unbeaten in their respective leagues ❗ At last I can get my own back on a colleague who would rib me that he was fifteen before he realised that the clubs name was NOT ‘Buckie Thistle Nil’

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