Today has been a bit of a bust. Started off well but then rapidly deteriorated. First we found out that due to a change of interpretation, the big refund we were expecting from HMRC is now only going to be a little refund. And I’m the lucky one there, the rest of my colleagues won’t be getting anything at all.

I then went to work on putting up some shelves in the well pump house. Part of my goal for the day was to get them done, then finish off the planter boxes for the garden so I could have a ‘day off’ tomorrow. Anyway, that plan came a cropper after Dazzle started her conversations with American Express about getting my account transferred from American Express (UK) to American Express (US). Anyhoo, all came tumbling down when American Express (US) said that there was something wrong with my credit history in that it didn’t  meet their ‘Criteria’ despite my having had an American Express account since 1985, a Platinum card for at least 15 of those years, and a ‘flawless’ (to use their own expression) history with them. So after being denied a transfer, we checked my credit score on-line and could find bugger all wrong with it, so god only knows what their criteria actually is. So, for the time being we’re ‘stuck’ with my UK Platinum card.

What with all the phone calls and checking on things it sort of cut into both, my time, and Dazzle’s, so I ended up having to do the chores and not getting the shelves finished and not even getting the planter boxes started. So, instead of my plan of trying a bit of watercolor painting tomorrow, I’ll be finishing off today’s jobs.

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