While I have been off-shore this last few weeks, a small landmark slipped by almost un-noticed. On the 6th of May it was a full two years since we up-rooted Alba Ranch and moved the whole lot, critters as well, 1500 miles across the US to Melisa’s home state of Michigan.

As with many endeavors there are grand plans that, once embarked upon, take longer than expected to come to fruition. This is what we are currently experiencing!

One of the attractions of the New Alba Ranch were the outbuildings. We knew that they weren’t perfect, but could be molded to what we wanted. I just don’t think we fully realised how much work it would be.  The workshop, studio and storage room had all originally been built at different times, expanding from the garage in a bit of a higglty-pigglty manner, all different shapes and sizes with different roof-lines.

Studio before
The Studio Before

We found that a lot of the roof was in poor condition and needed replacing, so we took the opportunity to make some changes. Keeping the basic foot-print the same, we re-built the storage-room in line with the studio area, and when re-roofing the building we extended the old roof-line of the garage to give the finished building a much more consistent look. Now it looks like one single building rather than four that had been built separately and added to.

Studio Finished
The finished Studio Building

Then we finished it off with new white metal siding on the exterior walls and copper coloured metal on the roof. – We had used the same copper colour on the roof of the house, and once the house is stuccoed in white, I think the overall look of the place is going to be stunning.


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