Spent today doing some work in the garden, cutting the grass, and trying to get some sort of order in the garage. The garden didn’t take too long, though we did have to go and get more petrol for the mower. The grass was fairly thick and damp in places, so it was quite hard going for it. After I was finished with that I turned my attention to the garage.. It does amaze me just HOW much stuff, we have in there, especially when we have to move it around a bit. Of course we did have a big delivery of timber the other day for some DIY construction work, so that was taking up a fair part of the space. Still, we did manage to clear some space.. enough so that I may be able to start some of my construction projects tomorrow. After we had done all that I was aching a bit, so I had a long soak in a bath, before having a bit of Pizza in front of a roaring fire for the evening. I did take a couple of Dazzle’s super-strength pain-killers, and that reduced the back pain to a dull ache… I guess it would have been fairly bad without them! Time for bed now, hopefully I’ll manage to sleep and be able to get going, nice and fresh, in the morning.

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