It’s been a busy night so far. We’re dealing the the end of a riser installation, which has necessitated changing from Tandem tensioners to lower tensioner only, to upper tensioner only, back to lower tensioner only and then on to the abandonment and recovery winch.  Keeps people on their toes with the multiple procedures that have to be gone through with each change over.

I started the trip on night-shift, then changed to day shift for what would have been the ‘second’ half of my trip. Then, with my trip being extended, I had to change back on to nights, where I thought I’d be for the remainder of the trip. However, my colleague is crew changing a week early, so now, I’m going to have to change back on to day shift again. My body-clock is seriously messed up!

While we’ve been operational with our ‘day job’ we’ve also had to do a lot of preparation and paper-work regarding the de-mobilization of all our equipment from the Toisa Perseus, an event that seems to be approaching with increasing rapidity. I guess it’s a sign of the times when I compare the preparation and documentation that we now have to have in place, to when we last de-mobilized the equipment from a vessel (that WAS 11 years ago!) In them days, we just got up in the morning and did it using a big slice of common sense for safety matters. So far, for this impending de-mob, we’ve probably accumulated 10 times the man hours in planning than we expended on the entire de-mob last time. Along with all that of course, we’re still having to deal with questions and queries for the replacement ship, Seven Pacific.

On a much lighter note, Dazzle listed a ‘Fiber Grab Bag‘ (a small selection of different fibers for people to try) on our etsy store yesterday. She posted about it in her ‘twitter’ account (as did I) and mentioned it on a couple of her Yahoo groups. Within 24 hours it had accumulated over 170 views, making it our most viewed item ever… She’s tried a new listing with the same technique so we’ll see if it will generate the same number of views!

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