It’s late on the 25th here (26th already in the UK) We’re still in Michigan, but we’ve checked out of the hotel and moved up to Dazzle’s parents house in the country ready for Thanksgiving. Dazzle’s brother arrived yesterday, and we picked him up at the airport and took him back to the hotel. We had pizza and then hung out in the hotel hot tub for a while before crashing out for the night. In the morning we ran some quick errands, checked out of the hotel and moved all our stuff up to the house. Dazzle’s mom was really sick again today, but hopefully she’ll be on the mend and feeling better tomorrow. She is still getting sick often, but she does seem to be getting over it quicker each time. Hopefuly this is a good sign for her and the doctor will be able to do something for her. We’ve had some more running around tonight, visiting folks that Dazzle wanted to catch up with, some that she hasn’t seen for a long time. Oh, and I did get the new notebook computer after all, even though the store that I had seen it in originally had sold out (it had been a clearance line, apparently, although it wasn’t marked as such 👿 ) but they did call round their other branches and found another store that still had two left, so we had to have a quick dash across town to get it. But get it we did, so I’m a happy camper ❗ 😆

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