We’ve been re-arranging the website. My blog (what you are reading now) is now on https://morrison.uk.net, as it is now a combination of my blog, and all the stuff that was on my old ‘static’ website.

The Alba Ranch site is now Melisa’s blog and webpage, as that has now really become the main thrust of Alba Ranch, so it is now at http://albaranch.net.

The next step that we are looking at is the possibility of hosting our own on-line store. Not sure, but if it goes ahead it’s most likely to be: http://fiber.albaranch.net

The last thing is that I have been reworking my mother’s old site. I’ve combined the webpages that I did for her (I love her doric stories), along with the blog she had, and that is now at https://morrison.uk.net/grace

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