Well folks, We’re now the proud grandparents of new border collies! Prue, the youngest of our dogs has had her first litter of pups on Wednesday (26th), soon to be joined by Abbey’s, we estimate, around Friday next week. We had thought that Prue had finished with six pups, three blue merles and three black & whites until about three hours after the arrival of the sixth pup, when Dazzle heard a lot of squealing coming from the “maternity ward”. When she went to investigate, she found a pup outside the birthing box, and thought that Prue had rejected one of the pups. After a quick count she realised that this was pup number seven, and that Prue must have felt crowded in the box and got outside to deliver it. As we were talking about it, Prue went and delivered an eighth pup! So now all eight pups are doing well at the moment. We have four Black & Whites and four merles. 8)

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