Well, the “Perseus” is now heading back to port after completing it’s latest project, the replacement of a dynamic riser on the Snorre B platform. It is a project that has had a history of attempts, so with the successful completion of the job there is, as you would understand, a number of very pleased and relieved engineers and clients on-board. 8) Tonight on the sail in, we had a “project debrief” where after discussing the good and bad points of the project, the Client representative expressed his pleasure and congratulations on a job that he saw as being flawlessly executed. Words that were appreciated by all those on-board. In particular he mentioned that he was looking forward to working with us again next year, when we will be involved in a similar work-scope at the same installation. But for the rest of us on-board nothing stops. In fact we are now heading into what will be the busiest part of this trip on board. Once we arrive in Stord we will commence the de-mobilisation of this projects equipment and start getting ready for the next project. While all that is going on, the ship itself, is going into dry-dock for maintenance and repairs. To complicate matters, for us in particular, the equipment for the next project is “new” and un-proven, so there will be long hours ahead ensuring that all the interfaces between the new equipment and the existing equipment function as it was designed to do. This is an aspect that I have been heavily involved with so, at the end – hopefully, [b]I’ll [/b]be the one that will be “pleased and relieved”!

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