I’ve been trying to keep up with the Perseus’ progress during it’s transit thanks to the weather tracking site that I mentioned in a previous entry. It gives me a way that I can check up on the average speed of the ship. The website World Port Distance gives the distances between ports and the transit time give an average speed. However the speeds are from a drop down and only cover whole knots.. Since the Perseus left Takoradi, it would appear that it’s average speed has been 9.6 knots (and not the 11 Knots that is usually bandied about as it’s transit speed!) A speed of 10 knots would complete the transit in 22 days 9 hours and a speed of 9 knots would complete the transit in 24 days 2 hours. Given that it left Takoradi around 15:00 on the 4th of August, the eta at a speed of 10 knots would be midnight on the 26th, 9 knots would have it there at 17:00 on the 28th. So with her current average of 9.6 knots, I’d guess that the most likely eta would be late evening on the 27th of August. Knowing that makes me glad that I went with my gut feeling to get off the ship in Ghana. At that time, they were quoting 21 days for the transit (which would have been correct if they’d managed to maintain the 11 knots transit speed) which would have had the ship in Mobile on the day that I had booked for the start of my time off. That now looks increasingly unlikely ❗

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