I’m heading towards the end of my latest trip offshore in Norway, just as we are getting towards mid-summers night.

It’s been an odd trip this time as we seem to have been steadily working our way north. I joined the ship in Halden, a town in the south of Norway just beside the border with Sweden. In fact, to get the ship into Halden it has to sail up a fjord, under a bridge that is Norway on one side and Sweden on the other.

After Halden we sailed to the company’s base in Dusavik, near Stavanger, to complete our mobilization then we were off to Oseberg field for a few days. After the installation work there it was back to Dusavik to de-mobilize that project and mobilize for the next. We also had some heavy re-instatement work to do to the Lay Tower after a project earlier in the year. On completion of that, and the annual re-certification of the ship, we headed further north again to the Norne and Asgard fields. Norne is at 66° north, only 40 miles south of the Arctic circle. Although that isn’t quite far enough north to be into the ‘land of the midnight sun’, it is far enough north that, at this time of year, it never really gets dark.

Only a few more days and I will be homeward bound again, but in the meantime, here are some photos of ‘night time’. Oh, and just in case you couldn’t tell from the times the photographs were taken… I’m working night-shift again!

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