I’m back in Aberdeen again, having a few days in the office again this week. Helping to catch up and wrap up some project work. Also go roped into doing a small PLC programming project for another department. Hoping to get that finished of by Thursday, among with the other stuff, so that I can get a few more days off before going off-shore again. I got my travel details today for next week. Leaving at the crack of dawn on Wednesday to go to Stord. Stord is an island in Norway, about half-way between Stavanger and Bergen. Normally when travelling to Stord we fly from Aberdeen to either Stavanger and Bergen and get the fast ferry from there to Lervick the main town on the island. This time we’re flying from Aberdeen, to Amsterdam (only about 1000 miles in the wrong direction, then get a flight to Oslo, the capital of Norway. There we have to wait for 5 hours before getting a “puddle-jumper” plane to Lervick. It’ll take us about 12 hours to get there, but at least we’re going over the day before the ship is due to get in, so we should get a good nights rest before joining.

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