Well, after months of procrastination – and prompting, we have finally settled on a new web-hosting service and migrated our web sites en-mass. morrison.uk.net and albaranch.net are now being hosted on Siteground.

My mother’s old blog, “Grace’s Scotland” and our old protest site “Not the CSR” have been transferred too, as subdomains.

“Grace’s Scotland” can still be found here.

We decided to let go of the canyonspringsranch.net domain name when it expires (after all, we have not lived there since 2013 and sold our property there in 2015), but the old site still persists here. I wanted to ensure it survived for posterity as we poured a whole lot of our hearts and souls into that place for just over seven years of our lives.

Melisa’s blog “Alba Ranch Life – Handspinning Artyarn ” is still reachable with its old albaranch.net link, and albaranch.com still redirects there at the moment.

Melisa has shifted our on-line store efforts to albaranch.bigcartel.com for the time being, though we still have the pipedream of hosting our store ourselves in the future at albaranch.com.

Prehaps, now that the hosting issues have hopefully been cured, I may just manage to motivate myself to post a little more often!

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