While I’ve been cruising the Atlantic (aye, right! – this is a strange Scottish phenomena, a literal conundrum, where two positives make a negative!) my better half has been a busy bee.

She’s been busy on the Ranch

She’s been busy with her crafts

and She’s been busy ‘on-line’ too.

She has now set up an on-line store with the Etsy.com site:


Having had a little look around, I found a way that a selection of items can be displayed on other sites, hence the appearance of a new section in the menu on the right of this blog. I’ve also peppered variants of the code on a number of our ‘static’ web-pages too!

Anyway, back to my Busy Bee Better Half, she’s now sold a number of items in a very short time (much more successfully than she achieved on ebay) so she is now rightfully feeling very pleased with herself!

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