It’s sunday night here and I’ve just finished my last full shift of the trip. I’ll still have to be out on deck in the morning but only for a couple of hours to wrap up the last of my handover notes. The ship could actually be sailing into port by that time, so at the moment I don’t know WHERE or HOW I’ll be getting off the ship, but I WILL be getting off in the early afternoon. I’d rather it was in port, that would save what looks to be a fairly bumpy ride in the fast transfer “Surf Boat” 😯 I did have a thought at around 6pm this evening, [quote]Today I’m offshore, Angola This time tommorow I’ll be in Luanda, the capital of Angola This time the day after, I’ll be in Aberdeen This time the day after that, I’ll be in Buckie with my parents This time the day after that, I’ll be heading out over the Atlantic This time the day after that, I’ll be in Michigan… does my body-clock realise the punishment it’s going to get in the next five days ❓ [/quote] My flight leaves Luanda at 11pm and I’m flying back to Aberdeen via Lisbon in Portugal and London Gatwick. All told It’s about 15 hous travelling time, but of course, I’ll have been up for almost 18 hours before it starts. Whan I arrive in Aberdeen, I have an hour and a half to get to the Occupation Health Center that my company uses for it’s offshore medicals (I have to get my medical certificate again as, being an old fart now, it only lasts two years) I can’t help but think that I may be a little ripe after having been on the go for over 36 hours, so I will have to remember to apologise. 😳 I am so looking forward to getting off the boat. It hasn’t been a bad trip, but it’s felt like a very long one. I know that Dazzle has had to deal with a lot of extra things on her own this time and I’ll be so glad to be with her again and give her some support. (I just hope that she’s as glad to see me as I will be to see her!)

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