I decided when I started this blog that although I may put some things regarding work on here, it wouldn’t be a repository for rants and gripes. That resolve has been sorely tested in the last 48 hours! 👿 On a brighter note, I’m on the last lap of the trip and end is in sight. I’ve got my travel details for going home which always cheers you up. It looks like this time (second trip in a row, as it happens) I’ll be getting off the ship, not only in port, but in Mobile specifically again. A different route and times for my flights so maybe I’ll be lucky and not have the problems I had last time (or will that now be a case of ‘open mouth, insert foot’?) As the client representative said at a meeting today (on a different subject, admittedly) “Murphy’s alive and well, so keep your eyes open for him!” 😯

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