I said in my last post that 2016 had been a difficult year. Today we had to say goodbye to another fur-baby.

Sometimes it was hard to take her seriously!

And Kizy really WAS a fur-baby! A huge white puff-ball of Great Pyrenees who had been with us for many years. Melisa found her on craigslist when we were in Colorado and she joined our pack there sometime in 2008 I think. We were her third, and forever, home and we think that she was around three when we got her. That meant that she was probably around Eleven, which is old for a giant breed. As always, it was a difficult and emotionally painful decision to let her go, but she was starting to fail, especially with her hips and hind-quarters and was feeling pain that medication wasn’t helping with.

For all or her size, Kizy was the most gentle of dogs who loved people, especially children and loved to be petted. She would walk up to people and sit down smartly in front of them, then look at them as if to say “I’m gorgeous. You may pet me now”.

Melisa and Kizy
Melisa and Kizy

She was very close to Melisa and always seemed to know when Melisa needed that special furry support that could only come from a huge teddy-bear-like dog.

While the other dogs would play and run around, Kizy was always aloof, but, there was one tug rope that, when she thought no one was looking, she’d toss up in the air and chase around like a little pup. And if she realised you were watching, she’d instantly drop it, and casually walk away as if to say ‘what? me? playing? No, you must be mistaken’.

Kizy and Broch in the bedroom
Kizy and Broch in the bedroom


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