Well, I’m still on the boat in Norway.

We’ve had a bit of a hectic time. First part of the trip was installing some flowlines that had been loaded into the below deck carousels while I was on leave, then we’ve had a mobilization for a new project. That involved a reel drive system on deck, something that we are used to in general, but the specific unit is not the one we normally have. SO we’ve had to get used to a whole new set of operational ‘quirks’. Some aspects of this system are better than our usual one, but some are worse. If we could combine the best from both we’d have an almost ideal system!

While I’ve been away Dazzle got notification of the appointment for my green card interview in Denver. It’s in the middle of August. That would have been in the middle of my next trip offshore. So I spoke to my boss and with that in mind, and the fact that the ‘reinstatement’ of the Perseus is looming for the end of August/beginning of September and that my usual ‘back-to-back is now in the office running with a lot of the organisation of the reinstatement works, we’ve rearranged my schedule a bit. So this week I’ve gone from being in single figures, to only being halfway through my trip.

I’m going to be doing a 6 week trip this time, then having 4 weeks off and then back for another six weeks. Heavy workload, but hopefully lots of extra days by the end of the year. The same day as she received the appointment letter, Dazzle also got a summons for jury duty on the 27th July. That would have been the day before I was due to leave with the old schedule, which would have made things difficult for her if it carried on and I was gone, so that’s now going to be during my leave too.

Feeling a bit apprehensive about the green card appointment, but excited as well.

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