So I finally made it back to Colorado after a 21 day job that entailed being away for almost eight weeks! It seems to have been a year for long trips, apart from a 12 day trip to Singapore, my other trips this year have all been over six weeks, including one of almost eight and one of almost eleven. Having said that, the 12 day trip to Singapore was only supposed to have been 5 days!

Anyway, back home again and it looks like that is me done for the year. Next thing on the cards appears to be a trip to Norway around the 4th January. Who knows, I may be past the New Year Blues by then!

The big news on the ranch is that we may be exchanging our goats for Alpacas. I’m trying my best not to wind up DW, as she did in the past maintain that she would NEVER have alpacas! I  may have some pics to post of the new arrivals sometime tomorrow.

I usually do a ‘round up’ of the years events and trips, but it’s only the 11th, so there’s time yet for that in another post.