Well, it has been mentioned that there hasn’t been a posting on here for a while, and looking back, that would appear to be correct! It’s heading towards the end of my leave now, and the last entry was just before I left the boat. This is the first time for ages that I’ve actually had a full month off, for which I’ve had a bit of mixed feelings. It’s been really good to have so much time off, but as any days between now and the end of the year would be ‘double bubble’, the extended leave is meaning a little less money that we had expected. I have heard about returning to the boat, but not got my confirmed travel details yet. I should be going back to the ship to sail back to Mobile Alabama. We will be well out into the Atlantic for Christmas and New Year. 😥 Anyway, back to the last month. It’s been a busy time, what a surprise. We have had some more animal movement, a couple of goats and a llama have gone, and we have been planning the next additions for January. Then we will be getting three more llamas and four more goats will be leaving. We are looking into getting some Hielan Coos (Highland Cattle) possible in January too, though one at least would be going straight to the freezer! Some of the ongoing sagas have continued to be ongoing 😆 We did have a lawsuit, the first court appearance was for mediation, where the opposing party said “you can set this for trial as I will not mediate with them”, So it was set for trial. Of course what really added to the interest was the fact that the case before us and the case after us were also people suing the same person!. Come trial day, we made sure that we were there early to catch the first show. The proceedings were running a little late, so that the case before ours was being heard at the time ours was scheduled for, so that the Judge was able to address both cases at the same time. He read out a fax that had been received in the early hours of the morning from the defendant, which basically said: ” I can’t come to court today, can these three cases be postponed till after Christmas?” The Judge indicated that he was unimpressed with this, stating that he assumed that it was a motion for continuance, but as it was not done in a timely manner, and that it was done ‘ex parte’ i.e. sent only to the court and not to the other participants, he was not going to allow it and entered a default verdict in favour of the plaintive of each case. So, the arrogance of the fax, and not turning up, cost the defendant, by our calculations, over $16,000. Dazzle was actually a little disappointed as she was SO ready for it! The other ongoing saga is with the Subdivision POA, and the less said about that the better! Our day WILL come! The weather for most of the leave has been pretty good, but in the last week we had two separate blizzards a couple of days apart, which left us snowed in for a couple of days. Once we were plowed out, we managed to get the trailer hooked up immediately and got a load of hay in for the goats, and the following day we hooked up the other trailer and goat a load of coal for the emergency stove. So thats things fully stocked up in the barn. The average temperature in the last couple of days has been around 20-25 deg F, which for the metric orientated, is about -6 to -10 deg C. Anyway, thats a quick summary of a lot of the goings on in Colorado. The next posting will probably be from Nigeria! hahah

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