Can’t believe it’s been so long since I added to my journal ❗ I’ve had a busy time at home, but it’s been a lazy time too if that makes any sense ❗ We’ve gotten a lot done and packed a lot of things in, but I’ve still managed to have a bit of “down” time too. We’ve had a weekend of visitors, saturday we had a visit from a cousin, and sunday we had some old friends round for a barbeque. I did manage to make a frame for a painting that I did about five years ago, so who knows, by 2020, I may even have managed to frame the other ones too 😆 I do almost feel like I may be into the last week of leave. I may get a bit longer but I have to be prepared to be going away at the end of the month. 🙁 A bit of a downer, but I do know that I’ll only be away for three weeks, so thats good 😆

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