Okay, I seemed to spend most of this afternoon designing new business cards for the Better Half and myself. I did it online at officedepot.com, and all seemed to be fairly straight forward though a little time consuming. I say “seemed” as the problem didn’t really manifest itself until the order confirmation stage. It appears that, as we wanted cards that had printing on the back as well as the front, our order had to be in multiples of 500 rather than 250. Of course, it didn’t adjust the number of units when it automatically changed our order and price without telling us. So our order ended up as 4 boxes of 500, instead of the 4 boxes of 250 that we thought we had ordered. When we eventually (after three phone calls to customer support) got to the root of the problem, it became apparent that if we reduced our order to 2 boxes of 500, the unit cost of each box was so much higher we were as well leaving it at the 4 boxes.

I hope we like these business cards, as we’re going to be using them for decades!

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