Returning my attention to my blog after being distracted by the ‘trendiness’ of other social media I have noticed a trend. The majority of my latter posts (I hesitate to use the word ‘recent’) have been focused on home life and the ranch.

I guess that there is no great surprise in that as largely my focus there has been pretty much an all-consuming thing in the last few years. Previously, I had blogged about work, hobbies and sports, but not so much recently. From the work aspect that has mainly been due to the fact that, while at work, there was little point in Facebooking about it as, for one, the majority of my ‘friends’ are also colleagues who already know what the heck I’ve been up to, and two, the company tends to frown on things being put out in the public domain and facebook tends to be very visible.

Posting about hobbies and sport fell by the wayside as I have had no time for hobbies nor for following sport a great deal – though, obviously, I’ve still keep tabs on what is going on in Formula 1 motor racing. – on a side note there, this season is shaping up to be either a repeat of the 2009 season or the 1988 season, something I may have to do a future posting on.

If I can stiffen my resolve to blog more frequently, I should also endeavour to widen the scope of my subject matter.

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