I’ve just up dated my blogging software to version 3.9.1 of WordPress, along with theme TwentyThirteen.

I’m not impressed with the default colour scheme, which means I may have to hack into the CSS to see if I can change them to something a little less orange.

Melisa has rebelled against FaceBook and is now returning to focusing more on her blog, something that I should attempt too perhaps. One thing that returning here has done is reminded me of how easy facebook is in some respects and how totally limiting it is in others.

One of the new features (or at least one that I don’t remember being so versatile) is being able to select a ‘format’ for each posting… for this one, I think I’ll go for “status” in honor of pulling away a little from FaceBook

Ewwwuuu. That’s just WRONG. cancel the ‘status’ format, let’s try an ‘Aside’

Okay, don’t like that either… hmm, I think that I’ll be sticking to the ‘standard’ format, certainly till I can do something about that god awful colour scheme.

Oh, and I AM intending doing a ‘proper’ blog posting very shortly

2 thoughts on “Blog Upgrade”

  1. And yes, that is a new header picture, given that the last one was of the Colorado property I thought that it was due a change too!

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