I’m back on the good ship Perseus again and that’s my first week in…3 to go… sad that I should be starting the count down so early 😆 We’ve been working in the British sector of the North Sea so far this trip, though we should be going across to Norway before too long. I had to join the ship in Lerwick this time, which is the first time that I’ve been up to the Shetland Isles for about 14 years. The journey did take longer than expected as, first off, the flight was delayed because of a cancelled flight the day before due to high winds, and then just as we were getting ready to board, the luggage loader reversed into the aircraft wing and damaged the wing tip. We did eventually arrive, but about 5 hours late ❗ The weather hasn’t been very good so far, and I guess that’s a sign that winter is just around the corner. (What happened to the Summer ❓ ❓ ❓ ) Last time I updated my journal I was waiting for the delivery of my new digital camera and a printer for Dazzle’s office. Well, they arrived and the printer is HUGE ❗ It’ has to sit on the floor under one of her desks ❗ I got the camera too, and used it quite a lot while we were away on holiday. So of the pictures are up now on my photography page. I’ve been working nightshift so far this trip, so I haven’t really had much opertunity to use it on-board yet.

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