I’ve been back on the Perseus for over a week now. For the last week I’ve been filling in as a technician for one of the regular guys, and today I’ve taken over as Supervisor with my back to back going home. It’s been fun being “back on the tools” for a while, being able to get things done while someone else fields all the supervisory tasks! The load-out for the latest project has been completed here in Norway and now we’re settling down a bit getting the ship ready for it’s transit across the atlantic, back to Louisianna again. Tomorrow most of the “project” crew will be departing, leaving just 15 ships crew, the co-ordinator and us four tenchnical people onboard so it will be a bit of a ghost ship compared to its usual compliment of 100 people. This will be the first time that I’ve had to be offshore for Christmas, and only the second time for New Year… but I did leave a change of address note for Santa, so maybe I’ll get lucky! hahahah. One of the things that has been going on in the last few days is the communications system that has given me so much grief in the past has been changed out for, not only a new system, but a new provider as well. The technicians from the new company have assured me that we should have full communications for the duration of the transit (time will tell!)which will be really good at this time of the year. All the computers and servers on board have also been upgraded and we’re now fully “XPed” But even though we have shiny new computers at work, they’re still not as good as the nice new notebook I’ve got! hahaha

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