The Global Airlines’ vendetta against me appears now to be over. I say this, as travel back to Aberdeen from Ghana went relatively smoothly. There was a slight delay in Heathrow… we had landed and taxied to the gate, there was even a boarding ladder in place.. but the transfer bus driver wouldn’t let passengers on-board as there wasn’t the correct (and correctly attired ❗ ) member of ground staff present. The pilot voiced his displeasure over the situation on the aircraft’s tannoy, he didn’t actually say ‘the bolshi bus driver won’t let you off the plane’ but it was clear that was what he meant ❗ Anyway, a full half hour after arriving at the gate, we finally got off the plane and were transfered to terminal 4. Where, we had to queue up to get on another bus to be transfered to terminal 1… (and people wonder why I prefer to travel everywhere via Amsterdam ❓ ) It finally took us the best part of one and a half hours to get from one plane to the gate for our next flight. The flight up to Aberdeen went quickly, but there did seem to be a bit of a delay while we were waiting for our bags to arrive on the carousel. While I was standing there I found myself thiking that the gentleman standing to my left looked a bit like Robert Powell, the actor. When Dennis Waterman walked up and started to talk to him I realised that yes it was actually Robert Powell and Dennis Waterman. Sounded like they were in Aberdeen for some Pro-Celebrity Golf tournament. It was a bit of a surreal end to the journey

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