Back home again.. yippee! It’s taken me a bit of time, this leave, to get swung back into “real world” time after my trip on nightshift. It was unfortunate, all the things were right for me to be able to adjust on the way home, but I fell asleep in the evening when I should have tried to stay awake as long as I could. So I ended up with my bodyclock still being out by the time I got home. So the first night and day I was really grumpy, sorry dazzle 😳 The first few days home have been full. We been to garden centres, DIY places, supermarkets, the cinema, the Vet, the physiotherapist, down the beach with the dogs, seen my Finacial advisor about my pensions.. all in only three days! hahaha. Tonight we’re off to see a Tai Chi class. We’ll stop past the folks house on the way, have our tea there, and leave the puppie dogs with them while we’re gone. Hoping to get some other little jobs done before we have to go out this evening, and also waiting for travel detail for my trip down to London for my visa application. It’s all go here ❗ 😈 ❗

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