Its wearing on towards the end of the trip again, and, yet again, I’ll be glad to get home! The ship has been busy with refurbishment and working towards being re-certified for it’s class, something that is required of it now that it is 10 years old. Hard to believe that we have been on here for 10 years! Having said that, we now only have one more year to go and the charter (which had been extended) is up and the ship will be handed back to Sealion. On that subject, I was at a meeting today, to discuss some of the scope of work that will be involved in the removal of our equipment like the VLS tower, and it’s installment onto the ‘TPR’ (Toisa Perseus Replacement) There was a bit of an irony there as the Perseus is currently moored at exactly the same spot as the “Adams Challenge” was when we installed and commisioned the VLS when it was brand new. What are the chances of that!?!

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