Another leave is over, and it’s been a busy one. On my way back to work in Norway, via Aberdeen to re-new my off-shore medical first.

Like I said, a busy leave. Getting up a 8:10AM constituted a lay-in, and if the tools were packed away by 10:30PM, it was an “early knock”.  Can’t think of the last time I had so much intensive physical work for such a prolonged time. Much has been done in the way of tree felling, landscaping, creating a new orchard for us, a meadow area for the goaties, and the creation of a small deck area for our new snorkel hot-tub. Unfortunately, the work load was too great to get the hot-tub put together this leave, so that will be one of the first jobs for next leave so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labours! In the mean time, while I’m gone, Melisa will continue to plant flowers around the hot-tub area, to create our idyllic setting for long soaks.

Once I get time to breathe I will post some photographs of what Melisa and I have done.



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