Here we are now, into 2008. Normally I do a bit of a years summary round about this time (well, usually a little before this time!) The ship is back in the USA. 2007’s work was all in the US and Nigeria, so I don’t have that many ‘countries visited’ this year: Scotland, England, Holland makes it back on the list after missing last years for the first time in a long time, Nigeria and the USA. We did have a brief pitstop in Algeria, but I’m not convinced I can count that one! We did have the transit from Nigeria to the USA over the Christmas / New Year period so that was very quiet. Today, I’m off the boat on my way up to Colorado, so after a hot-to-warm month it’s going to be a bit of a shock to the system as the temperature as I write this is 0 degF (-18 degC)

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