I’m hoping that this week is going to prove to be a bit of a land-mark for us with our home in Colorado.

  1. The Barn… the barn is a long story, one that I might cover with a little more depth here at a later date. At the moment the building of it has stalled (well, actually, it had to go backwards first, before coming to a halt) But we are hopeful that this week will see work re-commence on it in the capable hands of our new builder. How long it will take? Well, thats a bit of an open question at the moment, but at least it could be, once again progressing.
  2. The Well. We also have high hopes that this week could see the start of our well being drilled. Of course, there will still be other things to do, after it has been drilled, before we actually have a reliable water source, but the drilling is the first physical step towards our own water supply.

These two events, when they occur, will afford me great relief in knowing that we are getting closer to having our dream home in Colorado. One other event has also happened since I left Colorado to return to the ship. My good lady wife has managed to get our house-hold goods out of the storage facillity (where they were after shipping across the Atlantic) and into a place closer at hand were we can actually get our hands on things that we need.

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