I should fill you in on a little bit about myself… Most of this you probably know as, at the moment, you’re most likely to have found this blog through my own homepage which would have largely similar information ❗ I’m a 40-something, Scottish male. Officially I live in Scotland (obviously 😉 ) but I have a bit of a nomadic existence at the moment. Let me explain… I’m employed on a cable-lay ship that works all over the world, so for more than half the year I’m onboard it where-ever it may be (off the coast of Angola, West Africa at the moment) , My wife, a gorgeous American lady is in Colorado. We bought some land there a few years ago and she is there now supervising the construction of our new home. So, for me, time away from the ship is spent either in Scotland visiting my parents or in Colorado with my wife. We (my wife and I) love animals, and have a veriety of critters on the ranch.

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