One more day to go.. one more get-up, then a day and half to get home…Seems like an age since I was at home.. Although I’ve been working 6 weeks on 6 weeks off, we were away for three weeks during the holidays, so that since the last week in october, I’ve only been at home, in OUR house, for 3 weeks total. So looking forward to getting home.. have I said that already ❓ Spent the day trying to catch up on paperwork. All the problems with communications seem to happen at the end of the month when we most need to have the network working. Still, most of it’s done now. Tomorrow I have to write some hand-over notes for my back-to-back, and panic about the things I said I’d get done 6 weeks ago and forgot about.. ❗ 😆 Did I tell you that I was looking forward to getting home to my wife ❓ ❓

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