Tonight is my penultimate shift for this trip. This is usually the point in the trip where I’m running around like a daft thing, trying to think of all the things that I’ve forgotten to do in the last month, and trying to remember all the things that I HAVE done and the important things that have happened. In short, all the things that I have to put in my hand-over notes to my opposite number. Of course, everything that happens or that we do is noted or logged somewhere, but it’s handy to have most of the salient information together in one document just to ease the “transfer of power” (hahaha who am I kidding? Changing of the guard, more like!) The hand-over notes are also an unofficial document, so it’s a very handy medium for venting your frustrations, passing on the “low down” and the most recent items from “rumour control” I also had to break the bad news to one of my colleagues that his replacement isn’t coming on Wednesday, and that he’ll have to stay on until at least Saturday. It’s only 3 extra days (as they seem to think in the office), but I’ve been through it myself, and after a month away from home, that three extra days can seem like [i]another [/i]month. Especially when you’ve already seen your travel arrangements, flight bookings and hotel. After that you have the REALLY difficult bit.. having to tell the folks at home. I’ve landed lucky with my travel arrangements this time (unlike last time) The helicopter leaves the ship late in the evening, so I’ll have an overnight stay in a hotel in Bergen, before getting the first flight to Aberdeen in the morning. I should be back in Aberdeen by 9am… and THAT counts for a days pay. (I always feel like I’ve scored when THAT happens)

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