Eyn O’Simmer

Ach, weel! It laisted a gey filie! Mair nor usual, I wyte. Simmer, like fit we min’ on fan we were bairns! Ilka day bonny, wi’ scammin’ hate filies, ‘at left his wappit! An’ a’ the days fan e sun shone lee-lang!

Bit a’thing his an eyn, an’ e glaiss his been gyan up an’ doon like a yo-yo these past fyow days.

In e gairden, a’ the flooers were by afore their time. An’ noo, a’ the cuttin’ back for winter near feenisht afore October! Early hairsts, an’ a’, wi’ parks clean noo, wyting for plooin’ tae begin. Nae watter-loggit craps lyin’ in parks at the road-side, nae laid grain, wi’ gales an’ coorse wither. Thanks be for that. For a peetifu’ sicht it can be, some ‘ears.

Mither ees’d tae say that September wis e “spider month”, an’ richt noo, we hiv tae sweep wobs awa’ frae windaes near ilka day! Bonny eneuch , early in a mornin’, wi’ a glitter on them wi’ licht an’ deow, bit nae fine sprachlin’ ower e glaiss! An’ syne, tak’ a traivel ben the yaird, an’ yer face is a’ tickly-kin’ wi’ gossamer trails!

Day-licht is fair shortenin’, wi’ lichts on in e hoose gin half- seven at nicht. Time tae be thinkin’ o’ winter ploys. Aifter sic a gran’ simmer. we’re sweir-kin’! Bit a’ thing his its time an’ season! It micht be a filie afore we forget e bonny simmer o’ ’03!

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