One Day In History

Tuesday17th October. Grey and foggy, but not cold. Usual performance with nebuliser and puffers, then read local paper. Headline: “Wedding in the ward for biker and his bride”. But after long catalogue of injuries, at end of story, “…had hoped to get married in Hospital Chapel, but when Mr. W. contracted the hospital superbug MRSA, …” So what’s the real story there? Travelled ten miles to next town to shop at much better store than anywhere here. Spent more than usual, but well pleased as got several items “on offer” or unobtainable at home. Drove round town at home to visit local baker, and fish shop. Lunched on veggie soup and morning rolls. Usual collection of catalogues in the mail. E-mail from son in America. Lazy afternoon, doing a few chores. Today is day garden rubbish goes to recycling. Suppose they make it into compost. No answer yet to e-mail sent to MSP concerning my rights to disability access on pavement. Frustrated! Evening meal, then after clearing up, had visit from grand-daughter, bringing me book 5 in Harry Potter series. Have actually read book 6, so could get slightly confused with “flash-back” information! Heard about grand-daughter’s teaching. Not an easy job nowadays, but recognised many of the incidents from my own years in the job! Watched a DVD as nothing of interest on TV. Still enjoy “Kavanagh QC”! Shared nightcap of whisky with husband, then bed. The above was entry for the One Day in History blog. Am looking forward to reading other people’s accounts of their day yesterday!

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