View from the kitchen

If I don’t add an entry to this journal, I shall be in trouble! It will be a case of “pottie canna cry kettlie black-airse!” Well, after a horrible start, October got her act together and we have had some beautiful days with lots of sunshine. But it is cold at night, with even a touch of frost. We took a run down the coast last week-end,to get a close-up view of the wind turbines. They are so big, when you get near them! But they have a beauty of their own, too. What Rupert Brooke called “the keen unpassioned beauty of a great machine.” Even though boss-man is still on grass-cutting duty, the time is here for sorting out the bird-feeders. Peanuts for the blue-tits and the great-tits, and cut apples for the blackies. And bits and pieces for all and sundry! We get enormous delight just watching the birds from the kitchen window. Blackies chase each other in an amicable way, the sparrows have a punch-up with each other over a tit-bit, the tits fly around looking lovely, which is what they do best! Then along comes the playground bully. Master Robin Redbreast. He struts around, seeing off all competition. What a show-off! It is odd to think that the wee bird which decorates our Christmas cards is in reality a territorial dictator! Let’s not forget the starlings! Noisy and gregarious, they descend en masse, squabbling and flapping, grab what they can, then take off again. Here, of course, seagulls are the birds which cause the most annoyance. Nowadays they nest on roof-tops and chimney-pots. They are most aggressive when there are young birds around, and a seagull will swoop on a human being and peck! It is quite frightening! Because we hardly ever throw out in the garden large pieces of food, like slices of bread, we don’t have many seagulls around just now. Thank goodness!

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