Council Concerns

The Indian summer weather seems to be drifting away. We haven’t had much rain, and it has been at night, but the wind has been quite blustery, with gales forecast in the west. This is apparently the tail-end of Hurricane Gordon. In spite of the windy weather, I have been able to fetch shopping home with the buggy, because I have now acquired a bag for behind my seat. Boss-man has made a cunning metal frame to hold the bag in case the straps slip off the back of the seat. But there is still no word of a dropped kerb! And now a furious row has erupted in the council. In the face of all advice to the contrary, the council have voted to build TWO new secondary schools in Elgin, to replace the existing two. Alas! They don’t really have the money for this initiative, and there are fears that other projects currently under way, like flood alleviation, will have to be abandoned, or at the very least put “on the back burner”. I was anxious about a tiny puddle of rain-water on my floor, last month. But just imagine the total misery of your whole house being flooded! And I am sure it will be small consolation to anyone caught in the recurring problem of flood-water pouring through their home, that Elgin is getting two new schools, instead of the one new super-school which was the other, rejected but affordable, option. I fear there will be a back-lash of fury and outrage in other districts of the region. There are always mutterings that “everything goes to Elgin”, and this may well fan the flames of indignation. I, for one, will not be happy if my council tax goes up in successive years by 7.5% to pay for a project in another town, with no advantage, as far as I can see, to the people outside the Elgin arena. Let us hope that this is not a case of the vociferous minority imposing their will on the quiescent majority. I await developments with interest!

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