Bonus weather

Saturday afternoon, and our daughter-in-law is long gone! Such an empty house it seemed the day she left. And I was haunting the computer the following morning, waiting word that she was home safe and sound!It was great having her here, and her massage course down south was a success, and she fitted in quite a number of visits to old friends! But, as always, there’s never enough time to do everything you want to. She did, however, set me up with an internet support group. More news on the success or otherwise of that later on. I am just back from a quick scoot up to the local mini-supermarket. I still have to take the long way round, and there is no further word about the dropped kerb. “In due course” must be council-speak for months, rather than weeks. However, it is a lovely day, and I enjoyed the trip! The day our visitor arrived from the States, we had torrential rain. And the day she went back, we had rain in abundance. But in between, we have been enjoying an “Indian summer” interlude.At this time of year up north here, every day of warm sunshine is a bonus. And today is beautiful. Boss-man is pottering around outside. He is pleased with his new car, and we enjoyed a drive last Sunday over the Cabrach and home, eventually, via the coast. The best of all worlds!!

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