Hang your head in shame, Grace! What have you been doing during the summer months? Not sun-bathing, that’s for sure! All through the seven weeks of school holidays, we didn’t have three consecutive dry days! Now we are in to October, and lo and behold, the sun is shining! We have had a few days of beautiful weather, but alas, too late in the year for real warmth. By evening, it is chilly, and we need the heating on before 7.30p.m. This has been a sad summer for us. We have lost a very special brother-in-law. It is still unbelievable that we won’t hear from him again, or see him, or share his couthy talk. My sister is having to face life alone, after 56 years of being together. On the health front, I am starting to fight back against this horrible disease. I have been attending the gym at the local health centre, and also trying to keep more active at home. Being realistic, I suspect that the best I could achieve would be to stem the deterioration. But the gym is a new experience! I have encountered things I had never even seen before! Ah, well! It all adds to the rich tapestry of life, as they say!