When I was little, the only battery I can remember is the battery in a pocket torch. Nowadays, I have batteries everywhere! On the work-top in the kitchen, the battery charger is dealing with the batteries for my digital camera. In the small sitting-room, the mobile phone is getting its battery re-charged. Through in the lounge (!) boss-man’s shaver is on its weekly boost. Very soon, if we are planning a day out, I shall be charging one of the batteries for my portable nebuliser. This afternoon, I visited the local jeweller, to get new batteries into two wrist-watches. My kitchen scales are battery-operated. Most of our clocks are run on batteries.Even the “zapper” for changing channels on the TV needs a battery. And out in the shed, even as I write, my mobility scooter is “on charge”, getting its batteries ready for the travelling I shall do tomorrow! What would we do without these handy things! I am sure we don’t give them the gratitude we should!! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could recharge our human batteries as simply as we deal with all the others!!