Shame on me!!

Shame on me!! It is several weeks since my last entry, and really I have no satisfactory excuse! O.k., so it’s cold in the office. So it’s a busy time of year. So nothing too exciting has been happening. You pays your money and you takes your choice!! But on Monday afternoon, I saw a thrush in the garden. The first I have seen for months! And what a lift it gave to my spirits! Thrushes are becoming so scarce, and here was one parading up and down, gazing all round his territory! Today it is bitterly cold, and the forecast is for icy roads and frost. But what has happened to our snow? Not a flake yet. Kent, in the SE of England, is forecast heavy falls. But not so here!! I feel as if the whole weather system is topsy-turvy!! Out in the garden things are stirring which should still be snugly asleep underground. The camellia is covered with buds. The wall hydrangea is popping out buds and the beginnings of new leaves. Guid sakes!! Robert Burns birthday isn’t by yet, and my daffodils are inches high! Well, after a quiet but enjoyable Christmas and New Year, we had the boss-man’s birthday. Two dear friends came to help us celebrate, and we had a lovely evening of “good crack, good food, and good drams!” I can hardly believe that in another week we will be in February.It must be my advancing years that make the years advance so fast! Soon it will be the end of the council’s financial year! maybe I’ll get my dropped kerb then! (Beware of low-flying porkers!!) I am planning my next step with the Moray Council. More of that anon! Hopefully tomorrow if the roads are still dry, I will be able to go to the hairdressers with my buggy. I just love it! I must explore further with it as soon as it gets a bit warmer.