Me versus the Council_ part 2

Half-way through November, and I have been neglecting my blog! Well, a gloomy, dull month so far. I am feeling very dull and gloomy too, having made no headway with my request for disabled access on the pavement past my house. However, I am expecting information about obligations to provide such access, from our MSP. He will also , if I request it, make an approach to the chief executive of the council, on my behalf. I will see first what info, if any, he can give me. It is so frustrating to have to trail round such a circuitous path to get anywhere, when “a suppie cement” at the crossing would solve my problem. I think what annoys me most is the patronising way my request was dealt with. To tell me that someone would come to assess the needs! Good heavens, it’s not rocket science! My local councillor told him the situation, and anyway, all he had to do was ask the man who sweeps the pavement! Then to say I would be told “in due course” what steps, if any, would be taken! I have waited now for 17 weeks, and still there is no response. Shakespeare had it right when he wrote of “the insolence of office”. These people are paid (through my council tax!) to deliver a service. And as long as the tax-payers of Moray accept fifth-rate service, that is what they will get. Time to shout loud and clear? Maybe! Anyway, I fully expect that not a thing will be done till next financial year, if then! Just another 17 weeks to go, now!