Council Concerns

The Indian summer weather seems to be drifting away. We haven’t had much rain, and it has been at night, but the wind has been quite blustery, with gales forecast in the west. This is apparently the tail-end of Hurricane Gordon. In spite of the windy weather, I have been able to fetch shopping home with the buggy, because I have now acquired a bag for behind my seat. Boss-man has made a cunning metal frame to hold the bag in case the straps slip off the back of the seat. But there is still no word of a dropped kerb! And now a furious row has erupted in the council. In the face of all advice to the contrary, the council have voted to build TWO new secondary schools in Elgin, to replace the existing two. Alas! They don’t really have the money for this initiative, and there are fears that other projects currently under way, like flood alleviation, will have to be abandoned, or at the very least put “on the back burner”. I was anxious about a tiny puddle of rain-water on my floor, last month. But just imagine the total misery of your whole house being flooded! And I am sure it will be small consolation to anyone caught in the recurring problem of flood-water pouring through their home, that Elgin is getting two new schools, instead of the one new super-school which was the other, rejected but affordable, option. I fear there will be a back-lash of fury and outrage in other districts of the region. There are always mutterings that “everything goes to Elgin”, and this may well fan the flames of indignation. I, for one, will not be happy if my council tax goes up in successive years by 7.5% to pay for a project in another town, with no advantage, as far as I can see, to the people outside the Elgin arena. Let us hope that this is not a case of the vociferous minority imposing their will on the quiescent majority. I await developments with interest!

Bonus weather

Saturday afternoon, and our daughter-in-law is long gone! Such an empty house it seemed the day she left. And I was haunting the computer the following morning, waiting word that she was home safe and sound!It was great having her here, and her massage course down south was a success, and she fitted in quite a number of visits to old friends! But, as always, there’s never enough time to do everything you want to. She did, however, set me up with an internet support group. More news on the success or otherwise of that later on. I am just back from a quick scoot up to the local mini-supermarket. I still have to take the long way round, and there is no further word about the dropped kerb. “In due course” must be council-speak for months, rather than weeks. However, it is a lovely day, and I enjoyed the trip! The day our visitor arrived from the States, we had torrential rain. And the day she went back, we had rain in abundance. But in between, we have been enjoying an “Indian summer” interlude.At this time of year up north here, every day of warm sunshine is a bonus. And today is beautiful. Boss-man is pottering around outside. He is pleased with his new car, and we enjoyed a drive last Sunday over the Cabrach and home, eventually, via the coast. The best of all worlds!!

Turn of the Year

September weather, sunny and warmish! A nice day for my visitor to go travelling…. not home, but down south to attend a 4-day course. It is great having her with us. I haven’t got round to asking about the Support Group I mentioned earlier, too much news to catch up with, and I hope I don’t forget, as when she returns from her course, we won’t have very long left of her precious holiday! I must say it is very odd having her, but no dogs! We were so used to one or more of her dogs being with her on her visits! But they are all enjoying the warmth of Colorado. Tomorrow is the day of the monthly “Retired teachers” coffee morning. What a great chance to meet up with friends, and see who is new!! (So we older ones can say to ourselves “Gosh, is he/she that age already!!”) The plums in the garden next-door are turning red. And out in the country the rowan-trees are a blaze of colour, hanging thick with berries. Some will say that is the sign of a hard winter, but in truth, the rowan trees are always like that!! They are beautiful to see, but the plums are a much greater temptation! Boss-man is gradually putting the garden into winter order. Autumn is seldom a long season up here in the North-east. The nasturtiums are past their best, time to pull them up. But no doubt enough seeds will have fallen to the ground to ensure a colourful display next summer…. free!!