Home Life


By and large, 2016 has been a difficult year for us as a family. Too many losses. One of the few bright spots however was in July, when Melisa and I traveled into Grand Rapids for my oath ceremony to become a US citizen. In 2009 I became a ‘legal permanent resident’, or ‘green card’ holder.… Read More Citizenship

Home Life


I said in my last post that 2016 had been a difficult year. Today we had to say goodbye to another fur-baby. And Kizy really WAS a fur-baby! A huge white puff-ball of Great Pyrenees who had been with us for many years. Melisa found her on craigslist when we were in Colorado and she joined… Read More Kizy.

Home Life

Autumn Leave

Since my last post (yes, I’ve been tardy again!) I have had my first trip on the Seven Rio then a  leave in Michigan. – I shall post more about the Seven Rio later, but for now I’m going to talk about this last leave. A leave in Autumn – I still can’t bring myself… Read More Autumn Leave


Road Trip

For these last few months work has taken away from my usual, month-on-month-off, schedule on the Skandi Seven and, instead, I have been working at various locations and ships around the southern US and Gulf of Mexico. I’ve had a factory visit to an FMC facility in Houston, TX; maintenance on a carousel system at… Read More Road Trip