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It’s been another long time between posts on my blog. For a number of reasons. Sometimes life just runs away with you! First off, our hosting account was hacked resulting in some malicious code being added. That meant that Melisa’s Alba Ranch blog and my mam’s old blog, Grace’s Scotland were both deleted and google… Read More Hiatus

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This is Ike. Ike is a Livestock Guardian Dog Ike loves his goats and hates to leave the Ranch… Especially to go to the V.E.T. Ike taught me an invaluable lesson last Friday: When you have a tight grip on the collar of a 120 pound dog, and said dog decides to bolt.. between your legs..… Read More Ike

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Meet Morag

After my last trip offshore, Melisa picked me up at the Airport. It was, as usual, a late flight, getting into Grand Rapids at 11:30pm. Melisa had waited in the ‘cell-phone’ parking lot while I collected my bag, and as soon as I got it, I sent her a text and headed out to the… Read More Meet Morag

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Meet Rick

Melisa and I love our dogs and it has been a hard and painful year for us with the losses of so many of our dogs. Although we still grieve for the ones that have gone, we still have four of the border collies that emigrated with us from Scotland. They are all almost 13… Read More Meet Rick